Why do Osteopaths Treat Babies and Children?

Babies should arrive in this world perfect in every way. In an ideal world, where environment, nourishment, position during pregnancy and delivery are all faultless, this may well be a fact. Unfortunately, not everything always goes to plan.

The very act of birth is quite stressful to the baby (as well as the mother …. and father too!) Many babies experience some degree of trauma during labour, regardless of the type of delivery. The soft pliable skeleton of a baby, while making passage through the birth canal possible, also makes them more vulnerable to the lasting strains of birth. Babies show the effects of this physical strain in different ways, such as not settling or feeding well, not sleeping soundly and generally being unhappy. They may have restricted movement, digestive disturbances (reflux, colic, wind, bowel changes) and even asymmetrical face or head shape.

The osteopaths at Williamstown Osteopathy and Pilates treat babies of all ages, including newborns. Often sessions occur while the child is playing, blissfully unaware they are being treated. Children may present with injuries, growing pains, postural problems, scoliosis, headaches, etc. Our osteopaths can help with all these issues.

So, if you are concerned about your baby, toddler or child, give us a call at Williamstown Osteopathy and Pilates – we love having children in our clinic and get great satisfaction from seeing improvements in their health.