Avoid post DIY syndrome.

The COVID crisis has created a unique opportunity for many of us to get stuck into those DIY projects we’ve been putting off for ages. I know the team at Williamstown Health + Lifestyle have been productive! However, you’ve got to ask yourself…. when was the last time you swung a sledgehammer or dug up your garden?

If the answer was never, then there is a fair chance that your new-found exuberance could end up with you laid out or as we like to call it suffering ‘post DIY syndrome’. Our experienced team of physio’s located in Melbourne have been helping patients with:

  • shoulder and neck pain
  • lower back pain
  • headaches
  • sciatica
  • arm pain or RSI

Before you head to Bunnings, wait in the long queue and walk out with 10 litres of paint and a roller, scroll down to see our top pre DIY stretches and avoid the pain during ISO.

If you do find you have hurt yourself, we are still taking emergency appointments in the clinic.

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