Meet our Team

Cliff Butler

B.Sc(clin) M.HSc(osteo)

Williamstown Health + Lifestyle owner Cliff Butler treats everyone from the robust tradie with a sporting injury, to the new Mum with neck pain. “I treat everyone with passion, enthusiasm and consideration” Cliff says. “My patients may vary but one thing remains the same; they are ready to make a change to their lifestyle and reap the benefits of treatment.” Cliff is dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge with clients. “I really like finding the cause of patient’s issues and problem solving, the more challenging the case the better.”

Special Interests:

  • complex re-occurring running injuries
  • had an issue that no one else can work out?
  • sacroiliac issues
  • neck pain
  • leg/foot/hip pain

Jenny Abbott

dip Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage Therapist

Jenny’s attention to detail and deep understanding of the body, teamed with her explanatory skills ensure that each person she works with has a clear outline of their current movement patterns and a concise plan to follow to work toward improvement.  ‘ I love understanding each persons goals and using a number of modalities to get the best outcome

Special Interests:

  • TMJ assessment and management
  • Low back/ Glute / Shoulder Pain (inc Tension headaches)
  • performance optimisation
  • Condition management – Muscular skeletal involvement (Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, Ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis… etc)

Gabrielle Pilla


With over 16 years experience as an Osteopath, Gabrielle prioritizes listening to her patents and understands that everyone has a unique story.

‘I love to get people back to moving pain free in their daily activities because life is about quality- no matter what you’re doing you want to be doing it at your best.’ Whether that be going for a walk, training at the gym, closing a big deal at the office office or being a parent. You feel the best at being you when you can move.

Special Interests:

  • Pre and post pregnancy
  • Upper back and neck
  • Shoulder and elbow issues

Elizabeth Lynch

B.Sc(clin) M.HSc (osteo)

Osteopath Elizabeth Lynch is passionate about helping others. With 17 years’ experience in Irish Dance, she is also no stranger to injuries herself. It is this vast experience requiring musculoskeletal treatment, which inspired her to follow a career into the field, “I found Osteopathy treatment made a significant improvement in my own recovery from multiple injuries” says Elizabeth.

This understanding is something she has implemented into her practice today, “Letting people know what to expect from the beginning, and putting a plan in place together, makes all the difference in patient recovery.”

For Elizabeth, the goal is simple, “Keeping people doing what they love!”

Special Interests:

  • TMJ and headaches
  • Wrist pain
  • Low back
  • Ankles
  • Mobility exercises as part of treatment

Stuart Wright


Having worked in an office job, Myotherapist Stuart Wright understands how important an active lifestyle and positive habits are on the body. This personal knowledge, together with his Personal Training qualification, makes Stuart a popular choice with patients who want to better their lifestyle. “I know how important the relationship between a patient and therapist can be,” Stuart says. “I feel privileged to be in a position to assist my clients towards leading fuller lives.”

Special Interests:

  • neck and shoulder pain incl management of headaches
  • sporting injuries to hamstring / calves
  • lower back and hip pain

Rachel Hunt

B.Sc(Hons) Physio

For Physiotherapist Rachel Hunt, “building rapport and empathy is the core of my profession and personality,’” she explains. Rachel strives to empower clients with a better understanding and optimism about their health and treatment plan. She does this through working with her colleagues to target each aspect of rehabilitation to ensure each patient discovers the right fit of complementary disciplines for them.

Special Interests:

  • Sport Injuries and Return to Sport
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Post-Operative
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation

Angela Mamalis

Cert IV Pilates & Fitness
Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor Angela Mamalis is constantly seeking patient feedback and looking for changes and improvements in how they feel, hold themselves and function in their lives. Angela views each Pilate’s class as strengthening a partnership that betters and bolsters a happy, active lifestyle. “We are a health and lifestyle community within the Williamstown community,” she says. “I am so committed and passionate about health and wellness and the people we treat.”

Brooke Gittings

Diploma of Pilates by National Pilates Training Diploma Slings Myofascial Trainer
Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor, Brooke Gittings is more than passionate about what she does, she describes her approach as ‘obsessive.’ “Getting people up and back into a life they love armed with a better physical understanding is my daily goal.” Brooke’s strengths with patients include a resilient and empathetic approach, and the ability to listen. “I am here to help with lifelong solutions,” she says. “You can’t fit that into one meeting with someone, so my work always goes well above and beyond.”

Kathryn Kemp

Cert IV Pilates
Pilates Instructor

Kathryn is passionate about all things health and wellness. After working in an office job and becoming a mum, she knows how important it is to have an active lifestyle and to make time for your fitness goals.

“I love teaching Pilates because it is so rewarding to see clients achieve personal growth, not only in terms of their physical strength but also their confidence and happiness.”

Kathryn always meets you with compassion, understanding, and a laugh from the moment you step into the studio.

Kishore Ryan

Diploma of Pilates by National Pilates Training
Pilates Instructor

Having battled a back pain himself, Williamstown Pilates instructor Kish has a unique insight into helping patients overcome their fears and beliefs surrounding pain and dysfunction. “I’m very focused using the fundamentals of Pilates such as breathing, alignment and centring to help improve patients posture, strength and endurance.” Kish is also a trained musician, having toured extensively through the UK, USA and Asia and uses Pilates to decrease stress and increase creativity.

Tim Ischia

B.HSc B.As(osteo)

“Knowledge is power” Osteopath Tim Ischia believes. Tim – a self-described ‘deep thinker’ – is personally invested in discovering more about pain and uncovering the best results for all his patients. Beyond each visit, Tim works with patients to establish and resolve work and lifestyle factors that contribute to their ailments. ”Going above and beyond our clients needs is simply what we do here.”

Loren Gribble

B.HSc B.As(osteo)

Osteopath Loren Gribble knows that pain can be a frightening experience. “Having the support of someone who can listen and educate you makes a world of difference,” she says. The healing process takes time, so to prevent an injury returning, a combination of hands on treatment is essential, she adds. “Working with a multidisciplinary team means we can achieve great things together. Not everyone will respond to one treatment, so having many options is a huge benefit for patients.”

Special Interests:

  • Headaches and neck pain
  • low back and pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy conditions
  • Geriatrics

Sarah Frost

Dip Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage Therapist

Remedial Therapist, Sarah Frost is on a mission. “I want to help people feel educated about their bodies,” she says. “The greatest client result is not only improved function but boosted body confidence and understanding.” Sarah strives to see patients pain-free, but an additional benefit is when they become proactive about their own lifestyle to ensure this into the future. “It’s a new lease on life for them. It’s amazing to see!”

Special Interests:

  • neck and shoulder pain
  • Low back and glut pain
  • Sports injuries
  • ongoing shoulder issues

Joanne Vaughan

B.Sc(clin) M.HSc(osteo)

Osteopath Jo loves her work because she believes Osteopaths are taught to think outside the box. “A lot of my patients see an Osteopath after trying other modalities that haven’t worked for them… I love the challenge” Jo says.

With a Masters Degree in Osteopathic treatment of the hip, Jo has a special interest in hip and lower back pain management. After experiencing chronic headaches as a young adult, Jo has also developed a passion for neck related pain and concussion management.

Jo’s passion and special interests in Osteopathy have taken her to America for post graduate study, and recently Canada for work.

Special Interests:

  • Concussion management
  • Hips and LBP
  • Headaches
  • Dry Needling Therapy