Clinical Pilates

1:1 and Clinical Group Classes

Pilates has a multitude of benefits far beyond the physical. At Williamstown Health + Lifestyle, we aim to provide personalised clinical classes and studio programs which are the perfect entry point  to get your mind and body working together & moving optimally, improving & strengthening posture, increasing flexibility, with an emphasis on  proper breathing.

All new clients commence with an Initial Private 45 minute session. During this private we start to develop a program that is unique to your body and goals and address any injuries that you may have. Following your initial if your instructor deems it appropriate you can choose to join a group class with a maximum of 4 people per class, or continue with a private class.

Our Studio Pilates programs at Williamstown H+L concentrate on spinal stabilisation, a results-driven choice for those who have suffered previous injuries or who have particular wellness goals to work towards.

Some of our pilates instructors are osteopaths/physiotherapists/myotherapists so health insurance might also be claimable for private sessions.

The Benefits of Pilates

Improved flexibility

Increased muscular strength and tone

Improved movement patterns

Increased core stability

Balance and co ordintation

Injury rehabilitation

Improved posture

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates utilises the specialised Pilates equipment such as the trapeze table, reformer, wunda chair and barrel. Programs are designed specifically for the individual and therefore is a personalised program giving greater results to participants with a specific fitness or rehabilitation goal. Each piece of Pilates equipment can offer either a challenge or assistance encouraging more length and strength into the body with the different exercises.

Due to the nature of the small class numbers, (1:3 participants) we can work everyone at an appropriate level – from acute injuries to chronic pain sufferers to someone wanting to target postural or fitness goals.

Pilates & Gym Group Classes From November 2023

NB Classes will proceed subject to demand

Our Team of Pilates Instructors

Jesse Reardon


Jesse’s interest in biomechanics and movement paired with a desire to help others is what initially drew her to pursue a career in Osteopathy. Growing up with a sporting background, she has experienced firsthand the effects pain and injury can have on both performance and confidence.

Jesse utilizes a holistic approach to treatment to address the often-multifaceted mechanisms of pain. She enjoys using hands-on manual therapy and rehabilitation to assist her patients in setting and achieving their individual goals, helping them get back to doing what they love. Jesse is also a trained mat work and reformer pilates instructor and is passionate about helping her clients improve and maintain mobility and strength through tailored exercise and support

Special Interests:
  • treating sporting injuries
  • lower back pain
  • exercise prescription to get you moving again.

Ahmet Atasay

Growing up playing competitive soccer, Ahmet has been no stranger to injuries and understanding the impact they have on people. He developed his passion for helping others return to their best while experiencing his own rehabilitation journey.
He values being able to provide great person centred care focussing on understanding the person as well as the condition. Ahmet utilizes his desire to learn to stay updated to provide the best evidence practice to get the best results.
Special interests: 
Sports injuries
Lower Back Pain
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


Gabby Leyonhjelm

Gabby has always had a strong desire to help people. Her passion for osteopathy developed from the fascination of the human body and its resilience, capabilities and adaptability. She believes everyone deserves the right to be able to move and function in their own body, and wants to empower people to reach their goals and potentials.
With a long standing passion for movement Gabby loves getting people active in a safe and functional way. She can assist people through hands on treatment skills, clinical pilates, rehabilitation and creating a space in which people are heard.
As a qualified matwork and reformer pilates instructor, Gabby is well equipped with a wide variety of treatment techniques that she uses to produce a treatment approach that is tailored to the individual.
Special Interests:
  • treating sporting injuries
  • lower back pain
  • exercise prescription to get you moving again.

Jessica Martin

Pilates Instructor

Jess is a compassionate and motivated Senior Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor. Jess has worked with the human body for many years, and is passionate about working with you through all stages of your health journey. She has a keen interest in movement and biomechanics and enjoys working with people from all walks of life. She adopts a holistic and evidence informed approach to treatment which includes manual therapy, rehabilitation and injury prevention to ensure you feel informed and empowered.

Jess also has a Certificate IV in Nursing, which has provided her with a unique perspective of the importance of movement when dealing with injury.

Alana Carr


Alana is an enthusiastic myotherapist and clinical pilates instructor, passionate about helping people manage pain and improve their quality of life.

Alana not only uses her hands on treatment skills to reduce pain and improve mobility but she places a strong emphasis on education and movement therapies.

As a clinical pilates instructor she prescribes corrective exercise advice for her clients. Alana enjoys working with chronic pain, lower back/hip pain and postural related pain clients however also enjoys working with the general population to help reach their health and well being goals.

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