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Our Remedial massage practitioners at Williamstown Health + Lifestyle are invested in the healing power of massage so that you can experience a stronger sense of movement in every moment.
Our Williamstown massage therapists pride themselves on offering the best remedial massage  available. Our team delivers a considered approach to soft tissue and deep tissue imbalances and tendon and ligament damage. Our restorative practices – including Myofascial release, taping and exercise prescription – effectively alleviate the pain of postural issues and muscular tension and tightness before they take hold.

What conditions do we treat?

Post exercise stiffness

Lower and upper back pain or stiffness

Neck pain and headaches

Muscular tension

Our Remedial Massage team

Shane Dunn

Remedial Massage Therapist

Shane is a qualified remedial massage therapist with a goal to keep you pain free and happy. He loves helping people and is focused on providing the best quality care. Out of work Shane has a crazy passion for baseball and loves being out on the field.

Alana Carr


Alana is a qualified Myotherapist, her treatment approach follows the philosophy “attack the weakness, not the strength”. Through hands on therapy, education and strength based rehab her work is focused on finding and treating the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. Alana enjoys getting people back to what they love doing by helping them feel empowered, stronger and pain free.

Luke Walsh


Luke’s goal is to get you moving and feeling better, whether it is for daily life or exercise. Through assessment-based treatment, Luke employs varying techniques to provide individually tailored treatments to his clients. He understands the effects that injury and pain can have on a person’s life and wants to work with you to get you back to an optimal level through treatment, education, and exercise.

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