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At Williamstown Health + Lifestyle, our Osteopaths understand injury and pain. We know pain can be caused by many things, affecting various areas of the body. Our ability to listen, assess and accurately diagnose each patient successfully, means we can work with individuals on a Osteopathy treatment plan that delivers results.

Our expertise in Osteopathy allows us to effectively treat back, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries, chronic pain and acute trauma, headaches, migraines and repetitive strain, as well as sciatica, nerve pain and pre and post pregnancy discomfort.

We offer a tiered pricing structure for our Osteopathic care to provide a scale of fees. Please select accordingly on the booking page:

  • Osteopaths: Gabby, Jesse & Anthony
  • Osteopaths Senior: Liz, Peter, Jess
  • Osteopath Director: Cliff

What conditions do we treat?

Back Pain

Lower/upper pain
Pelvic pain
Disc injuries

Neck & Jaw

TMJ issues
Postural strain

& Migraines

Tension headaches
Sinus headaches

Hip, Knee &
Ankle pain

Ligament sprains

Shoulder, Wrist
& Elbow Pain

Rotator cuff injuries
Impingement issues
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel
Sport injuries

Pre & Post
Pregnancy Care

Pelvic pain
Back tightness


Postural issues
Severs disease

Our Team of Osteopaths

Jesse Reardon


Jesse’s interest in biomechanics and movement paired with a desire to help others is what initially drew her to pursue a career in Osteopathy. Growing up with a sporting background, she has experienced firsthand the effects pain and injury can have on both performance and confidence.

Jesse utilizes a holistic approach to treatment to address the often-multifaceted mechanisms of pain. She enjoys using hands-on manual therapy and rehabilitation to assist her patients in setting and achieving their individual goals, helping them get back to doing what they love. Jesse is also a trained mat work and reformer pilates instructor and is passionate about helping her clients improve and maintain mobility and strength through tailored exercise and support

Special Interests:
  • treating sporting injuries
  • lower back pain
  • exercise prescription to get you moving again.

Anthony Mai

Anthony is a friendly and dedicated osteopath, bringing expertise and a passion for holistic healthcare to Williamstown Health and Lifestyle. Anthony’s expertise in sports and human movement is rooted in a diverse background, gained from working with both football and soccer teams.
Having successfully completed his osteopathy studies, Anthony has honed his skills in diagnosing and treating various injuries and conditions. His commitment to a holistic approach aligns with his belief in promoting overall health and well-being for all individuals.
Anthony is committed to providing comprehensive care to his patients where he leverages his knowledge of human anatomy and movement to address physical concerns while empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge needed for long-term wellness. His goal is to make a positive impact on the health and lives of his patients, fostering a compassionate and supportive approach to healthcare.


Gabby Leyonhjelm

Gabby has always had a strong desire to help people. Her passion for osteopathy developed from the fascination of the human body and its resilience, capabilities and adaptability. She believes everyone deserves the right to be able to move and function in their own body, and wants to empower people to reach their goals and potentials.
With a long standing passion for movement Gabby loves getting people active in a safe and functional way. She can assist people through hands on treatment skills, clinical pilates, rehabilitation and creating a space in which people are heard.
As a qualified matwork and reformer pilates instructor, Gabby is well equipped with a wide variety of treatment techniques that she uses to produce a treatment approach that is tailored to the individual.
Special Interests:
  • treating sporting injuries
  • lower back pain
  • exercise prescription to get you moving again.

Sharyn Burke

As a mother of two active teenagers, Sharyn brings a unique perspective to working with children and adolescents.
With over 20 years in the industry, Sharyn has worked in a number of clinics and also as clinical head of the Osteopathic division at RMIT university for over 10 years. This has deepened Sharyn’s Osteopathic knowledge, ensuring her patients receive the most comprehensive approach to their care.’I’m fascinated by the body’s innate healing capacity and my role in optimising that’ says Sharyn.Interests:
  • children and adolescents
  • visceral and gastrointestinal issues
  • headache and migraine

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