3 Tips To Beat Shoulder Pain In the Gym

These two little joints are a fantastic example of the body’s ability to function. Not only are they more mobile than any other joint, but they are also produce both the fastest acceleration and deceleration forces in our body. They are strong enough to support your entire body weight but can also catch and throw with pinpoint accuracy. You can’t go through a day without using your shoulders. Shoulder pain can be managed and prevented.

Those pros, however, come with cons. The shoulder is also the most unstable joint in the body. It relies solely on cleverly timed muscle activation to produce the desired movement. If one or a few of these little stabilising muscles don’t perform as well as they should, you’re often left with a very painful problem.

Let’s think day-to-day. How often have you been to the gym and completed a great work-out, then woken up the next day with a niggly ache or sharp pinching pain in your shoulder. Washing yourself becomes hard, driving becomes hard, picking up your kids becomes hard, reaching out behind you becomes hard. Your daily life is hugely affected.

Everything in the body works in combination, and your shoulder is no different. Your neck, upper back and chest also play big roles in facilitating movement, and more importantly, pain free movement. Commonly in painful shoulders, most movement is initiated from your neck, rather than the shoulder itself. This may be due to weaker upper back muscles, tighter chest muscles, or a stiff ribcage and spine (possibly a combination of all).

Now imagine what would happen if you understood your shoulders a little more. That great work-out stays a great work-out, and that next day niggly pain becomes the expected, satisfying muscle soreness. Here’s where we come in. We can use our assessment to find the main cause or your shoulder problems, and most importantly, provide you with techniques, exercises and rehabilitation to improve your mechanics, lessen irritation and inflammation, and reduce your pain.

What Can You Do?

Because no one wants to be limited by pain or poor function, we are offering a special deal to keep your shoulders healthy and active. Come down to the clinic and show us proof of your gym membership (a key/card/email) and we will give you 20% off your appointment.

Give us a call or book online with our experienced team, and get back to doing the things you love.


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