When do I need to update my runners?

Brad from The Running Company – Yarraville joins us at Williamtown Health + Lifestyle to explain when it’s time to update your runners.

The answer – when you are asking yourself the question!

The truth is, this will be different from person to person. The industry average tells us that a typical running shoe will last around 600-800 km’s. This can vary depending on a number of variables. For example, what the type of running the shoe is being used for and whether or not it is what the shoe is designed for. The biomechanics of the person also plays a role in the wear of the shoe (i.e. heel striker, mid foot, or forefoot – which impacts the wear pattern of the shoe). The body type of the person using the shoe needs to be considered as well. For example, a heavier individual is going to compress the foam with each foot strike more than a lighter runner in the same shoe being used for the same amount of time and distance.
I think most of us know when we need to update our shoes. When you start noticing any discomfort or “niggles”, this is a good indication that it’s time to review and update your footwear. It is also a good idea to get not only your shoes checked, but your body and feet checked when you start to significantly increase your load. This will ensure that you are giving your feet the best level of protection against potential injury and overuse problems.
As your training increases your technique improves and your footwear will need to follow suit. One of the most important factors is to make sure that you are in the right shoe for the type of running that you are doing, and the right shoe for what your body requires. That’s where we come in – The Running Company in Yarraville, offer premium footwear, honest advice and superior service to runners of all levels, ultimately helping you achieve your goals injury free.
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