What is Kinaesthetic Intelligence?

In our current climate movement is the most potent medicine out there. Choosing a movement practise that gives you a chance to tap into your kinaesthetic intelligence so that you are able to develop proprioceptive finesse and interoceptive clarity would be beneficial.
 What does that mean exactly?
Kinaesthesia is a 6th sense and enables postural and movement coordination whilst facilitating emotional awareness. Kinaesthesia means movement sense; it encompasses both proprioception and interoception intelligence.
Proprioception is a teachable skill, it’s tangible and you are able to see progress. You are able to align and coordinate the movement. Propriception is what moves and organises action.
Interoception is subjective, it’s the ability to sense our body as a whole and derive meaning from how the movement makes you feel. Interoception motivates and can be trained through awareness and through activities that give you a chance to recognise your emotions.
When training proprioceptive finesse it’s helpful to stick to the repetition of exercises for a minimum of 6-8 weeks before changing up or adding to the exercises so that you are able to coordinate the movement, rhythm and alignment of the body. Are you able to coordinate the movement but are not able to sense the feeling the movement creates?
Checking in with yourself throughout the course of executing a movement & exercise will help to train interoceptive clarity and show up any noisy or blinds spots in the body.
For example in Pilates a pelvic curl (bridge) exercise, to train proprioception you would pay attention to how the exercise is executed via alignment of the feet, body and extremities. The rhythm and breathe pattern you want to execute.
 Training the interoceptive component to the exercise would be how you feel doing and what emotions come up for you after the exercise.
Pilates instructor Brooke has years of experience in helping people move with purpose. She has extensive training in fascial movement approaches along with scoliosis training and is an avid dancer. If you’re looking to improve your understanding of how and why you move, a session with Brooke is a must.
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