5 Daily Habits For Uncertain Times

With the uncertainty that surrounds our communities at present, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even frustrated. In our Williamstown practice we are seeing an increase in stress related presentations such as headache/migraine, sleep disturbance and neck and jaw pain.

Many of us launch into our lockdown mornings doom scrolling in bed, or checking our emails and socials immediately which can leave us directionless during these unprecedented times.

Our much loved Pilates instructor Angela shares her 5 daily habits that help her achieve focus, clarity and set her intention for the day.

  1. Meditate for 5 minutes – sit or lie still, focus on breath, to quiet the mind and find peace.
  1. Identify 5 things within 5 minutes for which you are grateful for – have a journal close by and focus on all the positives in your life.
  1. Break the 5 minute rule, and move for 10 minutes – get up and walk outside and bring your senses alive.
  1. Get back on your mat and so some core work – abdominal curls, oblique reaches, toe taps, planks on elbows, side planks on elbows- all for a minute.
  1. Stretch for 5 minutes – calves, hamstrings, glutes, adductors, abductors and back.

Give yourself a high five!  How amazing you must feel. Take care of yourself, look out for family and friends. Share your newfound joy, challenges and passion with others.

Need more guidance, motivation and care? Williamstown Health+ Lifestyle is there for you. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns. We want to keep you strong in mind, body and spirt.


* Angela is also an avid photographer, she has kindly shared this image with us of our beloved Williamstown. Stay safe everyone.

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