Osteopathy + Pregnancy: how can we help?

Osteopathy is a beneficial form of allied health catering to all pregnancy needs. It doesn’t matter what stage of the pregnancy journey you’re on, we are always here to help. Our main goal with any woman going through this journey is to assist in creating an optimal environment for both mum and bub. 

There is so much significant, biomechanical change that occurs during and after pregnancy. Your centre of gravity alters, your posture alters, your walking and lifting patterns also alter. Sometimes, the body finds these changes hard to adapt to which then can cause pain.

The most common area’s women struggle to adapt to these changes include the chest, mid-back, ribs, low back and pelvic girdle. Basically, the baby will want to move into a position with the least resistance.

For example, if your mid-back and lower ribs are stiff and tight, the baby will continue to push downward. This then creates an increased amount of pressure in the pelvic girdle. 

Through the use of hands-on soft tissue massage and articulation techniques, we can help reduce the stiffness and tightness felt within those areas. By doing so, the resistance will also reduce.

Not only can we provide you with hands-on treatment, but we can also help provide you with exercises. These exercises will assist in maintaining your mobility outside of the treatment rooms.

Pregnancy shouldn’t always equal pain yet many women present with pain. Let us help you create a comfortable home for your baby but an even more comfortable nine months for you!

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