Are you Melbourne Marathon Ready?

Williamstown Physiotherapist Rachel Hunt writes:

When signing up for the Melbourne Marathon, I’m sure the 13th October 2019 felt a very long time away. Well, the 11th hour has come and it’s only a few days until the big event – now is the time to be asking, are you ready?

Yes of course you are! You’ve followed your training program, you’ve monitored your rest, you’ve looked into your nutrition, you’ve sampled every hydration sachet and gel on the market – even the bad ones – and you’ve gone through a series of physical, mental and psychological adaptations to prepare yourself for this day.

Not sure if you’re 100% ready?

But there are factors out of our control, and we cannot possible monitor and prepare for every eventuality. Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. It is no secret that running a marathon is a huge strain on our bodies. You’re about to put yourself through extreme fatigue and so need to be properly prepared. Now is the time to self-evaluate, run a mental body scan, ask yourself are you feeling your best? If the answer is no, or even not sure, then there’s no better time to touch base with your Physiotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist or Osteopath. Not only can we objectively make sure your body is at it’s best, but we can also dispel any fears, worries or misunderstandings regarding the event itself. 

Tips and Tricks to get your through

Often an extra pair of eyes is invaluable, especially with a practitioner who knows what to look for. So whether it be a small niggle in your knee, a slight pull in your hamstring, or even an unfamiliar ache after that longer run, you don’t want to be carrying these into possibly one of the biggest events of your life. Something as simple as a little tape to help that patella tracking, or activation exercise to keep those glutes fired up, or mobility stretch to loosen your lower back – you’ll be thanking yourself when you cross that finish line.

But don’t take our word for it, many running specialists and marathon experts advise:

  • de-load and look after your body prior to race day, in fact it’s essential. Small, slower runs are fine but you should be allowing your body to hold onto it’s energy stores, so longer and quicker runs are often unnecessary over the next few days.
  • fuel your body with a high carbohydrate diet to increase your energy stores ready for use,
  • take on extra fluids to replenish and re hydrate.
  • Sleep is our body’s best way of recovering, more than 8 hours a night is recommended and some studies even suggest a 30min power nap has many benefits (see, there’s your excuse). 

Alongside decreasing your running load and optimising your nutrition, checking in with a sport-specific healthcare practitioner should be amongst your top priorities over the next couple of weeks. You’ve done the hard stuff already, all the long runs, all the gym sessions, building up your speed, your endurance and your durability. You’ve got yourself to the best level that you can be – and well done – this deserves acknowledgement. This is all on you. 

So let us help you feel your best on your big day. Book an appointment over the next week, and not only will you receive a full treatment plan and tips for final preparations during your consultation, but you will also get a complimentary Williamstown Health + Lifestyle Running Pack – complete with Medlab Magnesium Sachets , Fisiocreme sachets, Trigger point ball and custom Willy H + L water bottle.

Most importantly, whether you are running or walking the 3km, 5km, 10km, half or full marathon distance – everyone from Williamstown Health + Lifestyle would like to wish you all the best and good luck!

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