Do you suffer from Menstural Migraine?

Women experience migraine attacks three times more frequently than men and menstrual migraine affects 60% of these women. They most often occur in the two days leading up to a period, during he first three days and mid cycle.

While not the only player, the hormone Serotonin is thought to be the primary hormonal trigger in headache and migraine. It’s interaction with the uniquely female hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone is thought to be the trigger in menstrual migraine.

The symptoms of Menstrual migraine often mirror those of normal migraine; one sided pain, throbbing in nature with accompanied aura, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise.

Women are encouraged to keep a 3 month diary of the onset and behavior of their migraines to confirm if the pain is menstrual related.

Relief from menstrual migraine:

Treatment for menstrual migraine is often the same as normal migraine.

  • Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medican such as Naproxen can be used as a strategy for menstrual migraine
  • Triptans are medications taken at the onset of a migraine attack in a bid to stop the attack.
  • Oestrogen supplements or the oral contraceptive pill can are also often used.
  • Self care is especially important for menstrual migraine sufferers. Regular sleep patterns, not skipping meals and exercise can help to decrease stress levels during your cycle.
  • Magnesium, we’ve discussed the importance of Magnesium supplementation on our socials previously. Whilst the exact mechanism of action is not certain, people often report an improvement in their migraines with high doses of oral supplementation.

Alternatively, manual therapy to the upper neck may also provide relief to menstrual migraine by desensitising the brain-stem.

Osteopaths Sharyn, Cliff and Tim have learnt an evidence based approach for assessment and treatment of headache and migraine known as the Watson Headache Approach.

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Menstrual Migraine Treatment and Prevention

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