Standing Desks

Your next posture, is your best posture.

It’s been great to hear so many of our Williamstown Health + Lifestyle patients have been getting their hands on standing desks in their workplaces and home offices to improve ergonomics. I’m sure you’ve all heard the research that long hours slugging away on the office chair isn’t good for your productivity or your health. But, long hours standing stationary should be better thought of as the lesser of two evils. Standing may be slightly better but movement is always best. The most common workplace injuries we see are caused by slumping and slouching which is still very easy to accomplish standing. Our muscles don’t like prolonged postures because, understandably, they get tired. Most of the standing desks are very easy to adjust for this very reason – “your best posture, is your next posture.”

Keep moving

So keep moving. Switch your standing desk from sit to stand as regularly as possible. While standing: stretch your legs, work on your balance by standing on one foot, do some mini squats when you answer the phone… your only restriction is the space available to you and corporate clothes – suits and skirts aren’t quite as stretchy as lululemons.

If you have any concerns about your movement please call our friendly Osteopaths and Physiotherapists at Williamstown Health + Lifestyle on 03 9397 8877 for an appointment.

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