Don’t just feel better.. be better

Ever feel like you’re on a pain merry go round?

You’re in pain, you see your Physiotherapist or Osteopath and receive great treatment and advice. You feel better and return to work, exercise or daily life only for the pain to return. Been here before?

Some may say this is just life. Some may say they have a physically demanding job, or they are just getting older, or it’s just their ‘lower back’ playing up. But what if this isn’t the whole story.

The Williamstown Health + Lifestyle difference

At Williamstown Health + Lifestyle, we are always encouraging our clients to get back doing the things they love. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and that’s what we strive to help you achieve.

But what does getting back to doing the things you love mean for you? Does it mean fixing the immediate issue so you’re less painful on a day-to-day basis? Or does it mean finding the underlying cause that’s behind your repetitive aches, pains and injuries and learning how to address and manage these contributing factors? 

Let’s take an example. You’re a keen runner, it’s your “me-time”. But every few months or so you suffer a calf strain. Bad enough to stop you running for a few weeks, but you receive treatment, you strengthen the muscle and you get back on the road. You feel better.

We dig deeper

What if we were to delve a little deeper. What if those shoes you wear at work aren’t the best fit for your feet and are overloading certain muscles? What if that hip injury you suffered as a teenager, developed into an altered movement pattern that’s causing your running to compensate? What if you always run the same way around your local running track, placing more load on one side of your body than the other?

What if you could change this? 

We want to help you, not just feel better, but be better at whatever it is you love doing. We want to give you the tools to understand and manage your body and your lifestyle, so if you do find yourself in pain, you understand why.  We want to encourage confidence in movement without fear of injury or damage. In doing this, we want to help you to take ownership.

Our clinicians at Williamstown Health + Lifestyle want to find out your ‘why’, and if you would too, pop down into the clinic or look online to book your appointment.

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