Knowing the Signs And Symptoms of a Concussion

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head, face, neck, or body that causes the brain to shake inside the skull. It’s a serious form of head trauma that requires proper attention and care to prevent further injury and long-term impairment. Additionally, knowing the signs and symptoms of a concussion can make a difference in receiving a quick diagnosis.

With local winter sports returning this week and many sports trainers being volunteers,  it’s important to recognise the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you can seek medical attention if necessary.

Signs and symptoms of a concussion  to look for immediately after the incident:

  • Appearing dazed, confused or stunned.
  • Looking unsure of the game, score or opponent
  • Moving clumsily
  • Being slow to answer questions
  • Being unable to remember events after the incident
  • Loss of conciseness (only 10% of concussions) 
  • Showing behaviour or personality changes. 

Players may feel or report: 

  • Having a headache
  • Feeling nauseated or vomiting
  • Experiencing balance problems or dizziness
  • Seeing double or having fuzzy vision
  • Being sensitive to light or noise
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Feeling mentally foggy
  • Having difficulty concentrating or remembering 
  • Being confused about what part of the game it is. 

Absolute Red Flags  – Call an ambulance :

  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Double Vision
  • Weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs
  • Severe or increasing headache
  • Deteriorating conscious state
  • REPEATED vomiting
  • Increasingly restless, agitated or combative
  • Difficulty recognising people and places.

What Next?

Remove the player from the field to a quiet place if there is an absence of Red Flags. Subsequently, a CRT5 should be conducted to confirm a suspicion of concussion. Remember, ‘If in doubt, sit them out’.

Please note that only medically trained professionals are able to diagnose a concussion. Therefore if a concussion is suspected, then the player should immediately be referred to a trained professional.

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If you or someone is experiencing signs and symptoms of a concussion, Book your pre-injury baseline test here

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